Women of Asphalt Texas Launch Party - July 2021

Empowering and Retaining Women in the Asphalt Pavement Industry

Many more women work in our industry than it first appears from pavement design, engineering, and construction to sales, marketing, and HR. Yet many women who have participated in Women of Asphalt Texas events report that it was their first industry function. Perhaps it is because as women we need to prioritize advocating for ourselves, or maybe it is because we aren’t aware of opportunities to engage more fully in the industry. No matter the reason, the Texas branch will meet and host a booth and/or function at every TXAPA event to attract more women attendees. Along with networking and education to help women strengthen their career and personal goals, a key element of our events is providing a roadmap for women to find support, encouragement, and camaraderie. This type of engagement is beneficial to the industry because it creates employee satisfaction, enhancing everything from job performance to retention.