Attention TxDOT registrants, you will need a BPO to complete registration for this course. TXAPA is not able to provide the BPO, it is obtained through TxDOT. 

Registration: read This First

  1. If you are registering an individual or a group but are NOT attending this event, please enter the email address of your first registrant to begin. 
  2. Do not use your email address to register anyone who is not you. If you need to receive a confirmation email or receipt, enter your email address in the CC Email Address field.
  3. CC Email Address: On the registration form, this field is for anyone else who may need to receive communication about this registration including a receipt and confirmation.
  4. Registering more than one person: You will be asked to add additional people when you reach step 4, additional people.
  5. Editing the registration after the fact: Use the email address and password you created. If you registered on behalf of someone else, you must use that email and password. 
  6. Payment Types: You may select Credit or Invoice at the conclusion of the registration.